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This set of web pages are a shop window for my psychotherapy and supervision private practice based in West London near Richmond, Isleworth, Hounslow and Ealing. They are intended to help you decide whether you would like to work with me. Have a look through the site or contact me with any further questions.

If you would like to read a paper I wrote for BACP here is the information sheet G8 Counselling Asylum Seekers and Refugees 








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Brexit - an act of national self-harm.


I don’t usually bring politics to my therapy blog but waking up on  Friday June 24th 2016 to such a sense of shock and the subsequent sequence of clients through my consulting room all of whom had been triggered in different ways by this referendum result has given me pause for thought.


The easiest response is to blame the 17 million people who voted ‘Leave’, to judge them as racist imbeciles who want a return to a long lost fantasy of a bucolic little England. But that, in psychological terms, is splitting and projection. You know, I rid myself of any shadowy bits of my unconscious (my own internalised xenophobia ?) and place them firmly within ‘the other’. But do I really believe that over half of my fellow voters are complete idiots ? That doesn’t sound like a very humanistic position - ‘I’m OK, they’re NOT OK’ !   I still disagree with their opinions and feel angry and dismayed by what the consequences of this decision may be in years to come. Yet how do I understand what has happened without diminishing myself or my neighbours ?


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The Risks and Rewards of Intimacy

I have been thinking about the generally accepted truth that we all crave intimacy, and that many of us fail to find or maintain it. What is it - this thing that shows up as central in loving relationships, that drives so much of human activity, yet presents so many pitfalls ?  And what has any of this to do with therapeutic relationships ?

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Thoughts about the project of therapy

I've been thinking about the project of therapy

Parents will fail us. Its practically a given and not something to regret. We will fail our children in some way, if we have them - its part of the job, to grow resilience and autonomy. Show me the offspring of parents that perfectly and immediately meet every developmental need and I will show you a hothouse flower that cannot trust themselves to survive outside of that cushioning.

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Supervision slots are on Wednesdays or Thursdays during the daytime, in Isleworth (occasional Tuesdays possible in 2017)


Therapy slots are Mondays (daytime and evening) and Fridays (daytimes only) in Ealing. There are occasional one-off slots to explore working with me, or a limited set of three or four when on-going clients are away.

 I also keep a small waiting list of people that get first refusal whenever slots become available.


Please get in touch to discuss the type of issues you would like to address.


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